Liezl is a very talented young person. Hire her if you need stuff! - Paul


Liezl for Hire! 

Work has been slow at my real job, which has unfortunately lead to cutting everyones hours at work. That being said, I’m now available on Thursdays and Fridays along with the weekend. If anyone has any (paying) freelance work I can do, let me know! 

I’m proficient in Illustrator/inDesign/Photoshop along with all the photography jive you’re used to seeing from me. 

You may gmail me at heyitsliezl with any leads. THANK YOU.

A terrific recommendation!

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    Hey all, let’s get the fantastic Liezl a fantastic job! Re-post, share, etc.
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    Liezl is awesome and you should hire her.
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    Hero and friend Liezl is an amazing photographer and a delight to have around. Hire her to document your performance...
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    This is definitely the person you need if you want some classy photos taken.
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    A terrific recommendation!
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