Praying Mantis on the 46th Floor

It’s an ordinary Wednesday morning. Running late to work. I’m trying to corrale my dog toward the car. 

The Emmys and Baseball Collide

The Emmys and Baseball Collide

Billy Crystal’s tribute to his friend Robin Williams was the highlight of last night’s Prime Time Emmys. What makes me proud is that Crystal’s memory of Robin was in my home baseball stadium, Shea Stadium. I’m a Mets fan, so it hit me right in the gooey part of my heart.  The tribute segment is above.  The Shea Stadium moment that…

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Beta Readers Wanted


Not sure who’ll see this, but what the hell…

Looking for some trusted Beta Readers to read my book of short stories: “Exits & Entrances: A Short Book of Short Stories”.  Will be published this October, so there’s a limited time frame. It’s seven stories with approximately 20,000 words. Looking for kind-hearted souls who just love to read this stuff for free. In lieu of money, I can give you…

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You make something from things that have happened and from things that exist and from all things that you know and all those you cannot know, and you make something through your invention that is truer than anything true and alive, and if you make it well enough, you give it immortality.
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Missing the wonderful Jane Dornacker, comedian, singer, performer, actress and radio traffic reporter who died in a helicopter crash in the Hudson River Oct. 1986. I knew her while I interned at WNBC Radio. I’m writing a short story about my experience with her - keeping her memory alive.


Varietopia | 06.13.14

Paul covers Bowie’s Space Oddity with guests, Maria

Bamford, Kristen Schaal, Busdriver, and Puddles Pity Party. 

The next show is July 12th!

Puddles! (Big Mike Grier) - Love him!

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A good life requires us not to simply be slaves serving market forces, but to take ownership of what we do, to identify with it, to find meaning and do something cool. If economic circumstances make this an impossible dream for most of us, then it’s our job as a political entity to change these circumstances, not to extinguish the dream.
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Some day imma print this.

Best reference on baking ever.

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